Yext Strengthens Platform with Nebula Algorithm Update, Posting Modernization, Search Merchandiser, and More in Spring '22 Release

The features highlight Yext's push for businesses to work smarter — not harder — in their pursuit of delivering exceptional customer and employee search experiences.

NEW YORK, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the AI Search Company, today announced the availability of its Spring '22 Release for early access.

The release introduces "Nebula," the latest update to the algorithm powering Yext's AI search platform, as well as several features meant to further streamline building and managing exceptional customer and employee search experiences.

"At Yext, we're dedicated to helping businesses and organizations deliver amazing experiences, while working smarter — not harder — to deliver them," said Marc Ferrentino, President and Chief Operating Officer at Yext. "With our Spring '22 Release, businesses using Yext now have even more modern features optimized to do just that — everywhere their organization can be found online."

The Spring '22 Release includes the following features:

  • New Navigation and Home Screen: When logging into the Yext platform, businesses will now be greeted with an updated home screen, complete with a new sidebar navigation and "Quick Find" tool. The new format improves administrators' efficiency so they can focus on building and managing their search experiences.
  • Nebula Algorithm Update: Following last year's "Phoenix," the latest Yext algorithm update, Nebula, adds even more advanced functionality and a broader reach to search experiences. Businesses now have access to improved ranking of search verticals based on their semantic relevance to the query, Functions in Query Rules that can integrate real time data from external sources to power new use cases, and additional support for multi-language experiences.
  • Connectors Updates: Yext's growing library of Data Connectors gives businesses a simple way to unify all of the data into a single source of truth to better power their customer and employee search experiences. The latest update to the Connectors framework empowers businesses to pull in data from authorized sources like Google Drive and Jira, and capture more information on their website with a PDF Crawler.
  • Search Merchandiser: Businesses can now use a new drag-and-drop interface specially designed to customize individual search results. This feature can influence the ranking and position of products, locations, services, and more.
  • Posting Modernization: For businesses that want to effectively reach audiences through posts on social media, websites, or listings on Google, Yext's updated posting UI and API turn communicating important news — such as limited time offers, location updates, and featured products — into a seamless process.
  • Listings Updates: Businesses that manage their online listings with Yext can now take advantage of the increased visibility and control that comes with new Google sync settings. They will also benefit from a new set of filtering capabilities on the "All Listings" page. These new features give companies an easier way to manage Listings and more control over the data sent to Yext's network of 200+ global integration partners.

 Discover more features in Yext's Spring '22 Release Notes.

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Yext (NYSE: YEXT) is the Answers Company and is on a mission to empower every company in the world to provide authoritative answers to every question about their organization. Yext leverages AI to collect and organize a company's information and deliver it — in the form of answers — to customers, employees, and partners. Yext's Answers Platform works by pulling in information, organizing it into a Knowledge Graph and then delivering it via a set of platform services, including Listings, Search, Pages & Reviews. Brands like Verizon, Subway and Marriott — as well as organizations like the U.S. State Department and World Health Organization — trust Yext to radically improve their business and deliver perfect answers everywhere.

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