Reporting Concerns

In contrast to questions, we recognize that there are times when you may become aware of or in good faith suspect that a violation has occurred. If you suspect a violation, you should report it promptly, using the appropriate channel described below. Because the manner in which reports of Code violations may be made varies from country to country, please consider the appropriate method by which to report, according to the following options:

  1. Bring it to the attention of your local manager, or any member of local management, as appropriate. The most immediate resource for reporting good faith concerns of suspected violations is always your local manager or any member of local management. If you prefer not to go to your manager, or your concern was not adequately addressed by your local manager, other options are available.
  2. Good faith reports relating to banking, accounting, finance, internal accounting controls, bribery or anti-corruption, or antitrust/competition violations may also be made directly, to the following:

Confidentiality and Self-Identification

Information that you report will be treated as confidentially as possible. You are encouraged to share your identity when you report because this permits the Company to conduct the most thorough investigation possible and because it may be more difficult to thoroughly investigate anonymous reports. If, however, you are uncomfortable identifying yourself, you may report anonymously.

After You Make a Report

Regardless of how you choose to report, all reports of actual or suspected misconduct will be taken seriously and addressed promptly. The appropriate personnel will carefully investigate the reports and your employing Yext entity will take appropriate and necessary action.