Launch of Yext App Directory Makes it Even Easier for Brands to Structure Digital Knowledge for the Intelligent Era

Featuring Integrations with 20+ Leading Enterprise Solutions Including HubSpot, Domo, and Zendesk

NEW YORK, June 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Yext (NYSE: YEXT), the global digital knowledge management provider, has announced its Summer '17 Product Release featuring the new Yext App Directory, which allows customers to connect digital knowledge from Yext with software systems across the enterprise. The Yext App Directory integrates digital knowledge seamlessly throughout an organization, creating opportunities for growth and time-saving efficiencies with apps for over 20 leading companies, including HubSpot, Smartling, Domo, and Zendesk.

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Brands today live across a variety of intelligent services, from Google to Facebook to Siri, that show facts like hours, product offerings, and customer reviews. It's more important than ever for businesses to manage and maintain this digital knowledge everywhere it lives, and yet this crucial data is often scattered across the enterprise. With the Yext App Directory, businesses can connect information from systems across the company -- like workforce management systems, CRM databases, and more -- to create a single customer-facing view of the public knowledge about their brands.

"Knowledge is powering your company, and it's powering the next generation of intelligent services," said Marc Ferrentino, Chief Strategy Officer at Yext. "The Yext App Directory extends the power of a brand's digital knowledge to many of the other systems it uses every day. With more than 20 self-serve, pre-built integrations with the world's leading business technologies, businesses can create a fully synced and up-to-date web of data to fuel today's new era of business and artificial intelligence."

With the Yext App Directory's HubSpot integration, businesses can use Yext Reviews to request feedback from their customers stored in HubSpot, helping to improve online ratings, customer engagement, and search prominence.

"Integrating with Yext through the Yext App Directory gives our customers and partners a powerful tool to tie key data sources together across their businesses," said Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer of HubSpot. "Instead of manually entering information from HubSpot into Yext, this integration allows the two to work together seamlessly to create a more customer-centric organization."

The Smartling app in the Yext App Directory allows companies to seamlessly push digital knowledge from Yext to Smartling for translation, and return it to Yext for delivery to any market in any language.

"Our integration makes it simple for Yext Customers to translate their digital content for different markets," said Matt DeLoca, VP Channels & Alliances for Smartling. "Our app in the Yext App Directory is a one-click solution to enable the high quality translation of any content, like a company's description, special offers, and more, for international audiences around the world."

Zendesk's app within the Yext App Directory leverages Yext's review monitoring to automatically generate a Zendesk support ticket when a review of a pre-specified rating is published online. This can help businesses route dissatisfied customers to the proper support channels, or better engage customers who share positive feedback.

"Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. Integrations like the one with Yext allow companies to turn online reviews into rich conversations with their customers," said Douglas Hanna, general manager of Zendesk's developer platform. "This empowers agents to resolve customer issues quickly and easily, solving a major pain point for customers and ultimately strengthening customer loyalty."

Other integrations in the Yext App Directory give businesses the ability to publish store hour updates from Storeforce across the 100+ sites in the Yext PowerListings® Network and to export data from Yext Analytics into Domo to see it alongside other business data, enabling businesses to make faster, better-informed business decisions.

Sears Auto Center is an early beta tester of the Yext App Directory, and is piloting the Domo app:

"The Yext App Directory allows us to pull the analytics from our online presence from Yext into Domo, where we can combine it with our sales data to capture new insights about how we can drive more leads," said Marie Lafkiotes, Director of Digital Strategy & Ops at Sears Auto Center. "These integrations will help us get the most out of our digital knowledge to grow our business."

Ferrentino added, "In order for a business to present the best version of itself throughout the digital ecosystem, it first needs to make sure that all of its internal systems are on the same page. The Yext App Directory creates a more intelligent enterprise by connecting the internal systems that businesses use with their latest digital knowledge, creating new ways to reach customers at their moments of intent."

The following companies are launching integrations in the Yext App Directory in its first week:

Yext's Summer '17 release also includes key updates to the Yext Knowledge Manager, Yext Reviews, and Yext Analytics. For more details about the Yext App Directory, visit the Yext website.

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