Yext Announces Winners of First-Ever Explorer Awards

The Yext Explorer Awards Honor the Leaders in the Growing Field of Digital Knowledge Management Defining the Intelligent Future

NEW YORK, Nov. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the leader in Digital Knowledge Management, announced the winners of the first-ever Explorer Awards today at its ONWARD 17 global conference in New York City. The Yext Explorer Awards honor the companies and people defining the future of Digital Knowledge Management — the growing field that's fueling intelligent technology by putting businesses in control of all of the public facts about their brand that appear across the intelligent ecosystem.

"These awards are for the companies and people who are challenging themselves to think differently about the future of their businesses and industries," said Brian Distelburger, Co-Founder and President of Yext. "The winners of the Yext Explorer Awards are constantly innovating, and are leveraging Digital Knowledge Management technology to light a new path into the Intelligent Future."

This year's award winners are:

The Trailblazing Agency of the Year takes a 360º view of the universe of marketing, leveraging Digital Knowledge Management to prepare its clients to compete in the Intelligent Future.

Winner: Mindstream: Mindstream was one of the first agencies to use Digital Knowledge Management technology to provide an enhanced solution to its clients.

The Digital Knowledge Manager of the Year bridges departmental divides to bring a brand's digital knowledge together into an effective strategy, enabling their company to win in the Age of Intelligence.

Winner: Sam Dresser, Vice President of Knowledge Management and Engagement at School of Rock: Sam Dresser is a pioneer of this new profession, leading the charge as School of Rock continues to innovate and grow through effective Digital Knowledge Management.

The Ambassador Partner of the Year is an international partner that has been instrumental in growing Digital Knowledge Management in a country or group of countries where it is emerging.

Winner: Evolvere Capital: Evolvere Capital has helped small businesses from Latin America to Europe serve their customers and grow via yellow pages franchises like Grupo Publicar in Latin America and Paginas Amarillas in Spain.

The App Directory Partner of the Year has created a breakthrough integration with Yext that connects digital knowledge throughout organizations, creating time-saving efficiencies and opportunities for growth.

Winner: Binary Fountain: Binary Fountain's App Directory Integration helps patients find updated and accurate physician reviews as the physician moves across health systems, physician practices and healthcare organizations.

The Innovative Partner of the Year brings digital knowledge management to its customers in new ways. Through technical innovation, this partner has created an offering that delivers unique business value.

Winner: Scorpion: Scorpion integrated with Yext to offer Digital Knowledge Management as part of its core offering, providing tailored capabilities for companies in industries as diverse as legal, home services, and healthcare.

The Digital Knowledge Innovator of the Year thinks outside the box to use digital knowledge to bring their business into the future. Pushes the boundaries of enterprise technology to create business value worth more than the sum of its parts.

Winner: Comcast: Comcast leverages Digital Knowledge Management to drive growth, and built an incredible API integration linking digital knowledge in enterprise-wide systems across all their customer endpoints, including POS, IVR, apps, a store locator and store pages, to guarantee a consistent and accurate customer experience everywhere.

The Entrepreneurial Partner of the Year has rapidly and successfully grown its Digital Knowledge Management offering, supporting the growth of businesses of all kinds.

Winner: DexYP: DexYP is a groundbreaking local business automation leader, through its Thryv platform, and brings the benefits of digital knowledge management to millions of businesses.

The Everywhere Brand of the Year exists consistently and accurately across the digital ecosystem. This brand is everywhere its customers are, and embodies the seven tenets of the Everywhere Brand: Customer-Centric, Active, Organized, Real-Time, Granular, Responsive, and Innovative. This year there were two winners of the award for Everywhere Brand of the Year.

Winner: Denny's: Denny's is a longtime Yext customer whose work across the digital ecosystem, from their rich Listings content to their powerful Reviews truly represents the spirit of the Everywhere Brand. Denny's has been America's Diner for over 60 years and truly is everywhere.

Winner: Tesco: From supermarkets to phone stores to cafes, Tesco uses Digital Knowledge Management to provide an enhanced customer experience to shoppers online and in person. Long an international pioneer in data and technology, Tesco truly is Everywhere.

"There couldn't be a more impressive group of nominees for the first year of the Yext Explorer Awards," said Jonathan Cherins, EVP of Small Business and Partner at Yext. "Congratulations to all our winners for your incredible work leading the charge into the intelligent future."

Learn more about Digital Knowledge Management at, and follow Yext on social media to hear when nominations for next year's Yext Explorer Awards open.

About Yext
Yext is pioneering a new category called Digital Knowledge Management, which gives businesses control of all of the public facts that they want consumers to know across the intelligent ecosystem. The Yext Knowledge Engine™ lets companies manage their digital knowledge in the cloud and sync it to over 100 services in the PowerListings® Network. Yext Listings, Pages, and Reviews enable businesses around the globe to facilitate face-to-face and digital interactions that boost brand awareness, drive foot traffic, and increase sales.


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