Yext Introduces New Listings Features, Custom Pages Development Tools, AI Data Cleaning, and More in Summer '22 Release

The latest set of product innovations makes it even easier to build custom first and third-party experiences on top of the Yext Answers Platform.

NEW YORK, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the Answers company, today announced the availability of its Summer '22 Release for early access.

New features highlight the company's commitment to creating a powerful, composable platform that can be flexibly deployed to address a wide variety of business needs. The release also introduces a transition from "Answers" to "Search," a name change for the product that adds robust natural language search to websites, apps, and workspaces.

"Businesses today have to contend with an increasingly complex digital landscape. Instead of managing dozens of single-purpose applications, organizations should be empowered to consolidate essential functionality into one platform that can power both first and third-party experiences," said Maxwell Shaw, SVP of Product Management at Yext. "The features included in our Summer Release help businesses do just that. With Yext, organizations have a centralized platform that can be leveraged to create seamless multi- or omnichannel digital experiences that are more efficient, cost effective, and gratifying for the end-user." 

The Summer '22 Release includes the following features:

  • Listings Updates: Newly available analytics from Google will provide further visibility into engagement metrics, as well as the specific keywords that surface listings in search results. Improved status detail messages will give companies an easier way to manage and troubleshoot Listings across the industry's largest network of 250+ direct integration partners.

  • Custom Pages Development: An improved, open technical architecture allows external developers to more easily create SEO-optimized landing pages at scale. Developers can build locally, connect GitHub repositories, and take advantage of modern development tools to quickly deploy pages with content stored in the Yext Knowledge Graph.

  • AI Data Cleaning*: An addition to the Connectors framework takes user-provided examples of input/output transformations to create and apply a machine learning model for cleaning data. This added flexibility is extremely helpful for users who would otherwise write complex functions or format data manually.

  • Fully Custom Search UI: Developers have access to a new React component library, which is a great resource for those looking to build a bespoke frontend experience with Yext search components. The first major version of the library includes a wide range of customizable features that allow for increased flexibility when designing a user interface, such as FilterSearch, Facets, and more.

  • Solstice Algorithm Update: With the Solstice algorithm update, administrators can optimize their search experiences even further with Custom Phrases. The update also introduces Multi-Hop Relationships, which support complex user questions that require information from various sources at the same time. With Multi-Hop Search, end-users can query data that is stored on related entities, several "hops" away in the Yext Knowledge Graph.

Discover more new features in Yext's Summer '22 Release Notes.

*AI Data Cleaning is being released as a Preview feature, which allows for an extended early access period.

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Yext (NYSE: YEXT) is the Answers company and is on a mission to empower every company in the world to provide authoritative answers to every question about their organization. Yext leverages AI to collect and organize a company's information and deliver it — in the form of answers — to customers, employees, and partners. Yext's Answers Platform works by pulling in information, organizing it into a Knowledge Graph and then delivering it via a set of platform services, including Listings, Search, Pages & Reviews. Brands like Verizon, Subway, and Marriott — as well as organizations like the U.S. State Department — trust Yext to radically improve their business and deliver perfect answers everywhere.

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